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Not an ordinary health and fitness tracking application. Inner Forest allows you to connect yourself with a virtual forest by plating and decorating your own forest! As you move, you generate coins with which you can buy various trees and plants. Beside generating virtual coins, your forest health depends on your activity. The main goal is to improve peoples health and create better life habits. To make that easier, you can connect with your friends, visit their forrest, share your statistics, get achievements and use map to search for near by parks, forests and recreation facilities.

  • Generate coins
  • Various plant selection
  • Activity tracking
  • Connect with your friends
  • Map search

Amazing Features.

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Creative design

Modern and good-looking design


Retina Ready

Design ready for all kind of devices sreens


Easy to use

Desing adapted to all age groups


Free Updates

Get free updates with new plants every month!


Premium version available

You can easily upgrade to a Premium Inner Forest Application Version (Completely Ad-free)


App store support

Available on both AppStore and Google Play Stores


Perfect Pixel

Design suitable for every device size


clean codes

Application developed following SOLID pattern design

App Gallery

Modern, eye catching design!

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Team Members

Inner Forest Team Lead and Designer

Team Lead

Anamarija Morić


Marija Belina